What distinguishes these apps from other similar app that I find into the Apple Store?

Most of this kind of app simply hides you data behind a password. Indeed, all your data are stored in your iPhone/iPod without any protection and thereby are vulnerable to an hacker attack. Crypto Suite apps are not limited in hiding your data behind a password, but use your password to encrypt all data with the most advanced encrypting algoritms based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) at 256 bit, the same used by governments to protect top secret and classified documents

How can I organize my data?

Crypto Suite apps divide all data in three major categories: textual data, documents and pictures. Each major category can contain any subcategories useful to organize your data: you can add, modify or remove your custom subcategories, assigning it a name and, optionally, an image

If I lost my password, is there a way to retrieve my data ?

No. All Crypto Suite apps uses your password to encrypt and decrypt your data. Your password is not stored into these apps because this could be a weak point exploited by hackers to get your password. So, if you lost your password your data will not be recoverable

Do these apps use internet connection? Will these apps backup a copy of my data?

Absolutely no. Many apps use internet connection to execute uncontrolled and, most of time, unsafe backups. Using Crypto Suite apps your are 100% sure that all your data will not be furtively transmitted online and remain on your iPhone/iPod. Crypto Suite apps are designed to protect and keep safe your data, not for a backup copy

When I import pictures or documents in Crypto Suite apps, are they deleted from the source?

At current time, it's possible set up these apps to delete pictures and documents imported by iTunes sharing. Pictures imported by the photo library will not be deleted. Anyway this feature will be implemeted in the next releases